USAC Rural Health Care Program

The Universal Service Rural Health Care Program provides significant discounts on telecommunication services for eligible rural health care facilities, making connectivity more affordable. UTN utilizes all three of its programs:
  • Telecommunications Program – USAC’s original program, it is now used primarily in support of ISDN PRI lines which some sites use for phone systems.
  • Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) – USAC’s newest and permanent health care program, it provides 65% discounts of one-time and on-going telecommunications costs. UTN is utilizing this program for new sites and will transition our existing sites to this program over time.

USAC’s programs are invaluable, but the process is intensely bureaucratic.  With years of experience and expertise in working through USAC’s processes, UTN manages the application process for eligible health care facilities to ensure that full discounts are realized.  We work to maximize discounts for the network and participating members sites.