About UETN Telehealth Services

The UETN Telehealth Services links patients to health care providers across our state, country and the world by using leading edge telecommunications technology. Telehealth provides rural patients and providers with access to services that are usually available only in more populated urban areas. The UETN Telehealth Services uses interactive video to deliver patient care, provide continuing education to health professionals, and to facilitate administrative meetings.

To expand access to health care services and resources through innovative application of technology.
Deborah LaMarche Telehealth Excellence Award
The Deborah LaMarche Telehealth Excellence Award is presented annually.
Network Sites
UETN Telehealth Services provides services for healthcare providers in Utah and the Intermountain West.
Advisory Council Members
The Advisory Council provides advice and guidance to UETN Telehealth Services in support of its mission and operations.
Advisory Council Meetings
The Advisory Council meets every two months.
About UETN
UEN and Telehealth Services have merged to better serve stakeholders throughout the state.
Find out how UETN is administering funds to Utah’s population.
Committed to providing quality service.
Find out how UETN is administering funds to Utah’s population.
Quarterly Telehealth Technology Telegram
A quarterly update to keep everyone informed and to provide additional resources.