Spencer Jenkins, Executive Director of the Utah Education and Telehealth Network
Matt McCullough, Ph.D, Director of Telehealth Services, oversees the operation of Utah Telehealth Network and serves as business manager. In addition, he is focused on strategic planning and development of new services and sites for the Utah Telehealth Network and is the Principal Investigator for NRTRC program.
Marz Cesarini, Associate Director IT, is responsible for technical operations of the network, supervision of network and media staff, and vendor relations. He also serves as project manager for new technical initiatives.
Kate Richards, eRate/Telehealth Specialist, assists with compliance, audit requests, and filing of USAC forms and applications for the FCC Rural Health Care - Health Connect Fund and Telecommunications programs on behalf of UETN customers.
Chotiros Chevasuttho, MBA, Financial Management Analyst, provides financial analysis to department management and coordinated program and operations analysis. Budgeting and Financial Report.
Brian Crowther, Telehealth Systems Administrator, is responsible for all the administration of all Telehealth platforms used by Utah Telehealth Network customers to deliver services to their patient population.
Jaleen Johnson, NRTRC Program Manager, supports the operations of the NRTRC program including technical assistance, data management, and communications.
Jan McEwan, Media Services Specialist, is responsible for the day-to-day planning and implementation of videoconferencing events, live web streaming and video on demand.
Nicki Perisho, NRTRC Program Director, is responsible for the overall operations of the NRTRC program and supports the development of telehealth programs and best practices in the region.
Jo-Ann Wong, Administrative Assistant, assists with Utah Telehealth Network operations, finances, contracts, and communications.
Susan Cohen, PR/Communications Manager, supports Utah Telehealth Network and NRTRC in public relations, marketing and communication needs. Also responsible for photography and video as needed.
Utah Telehealth Network is a Service of the Utah Education and Telehealth Network
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