Advisory Council Meetings

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Meeting Location

The Dolores Dore Eccles Broadcast Center
101 Wasatch Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

The Advisory Council provides advice and guidance to UTN in support of its mission and operations.  Its responsibilities include strategic planning, review and approval of budgets and fee structures, adoption and approval of policies, advice of network member services, and government relations. The Advisory Council is made up of fifteen (15) members, selected to reflect Utah's diverse health care community, include representation from rural Utah; member hospital, clinics and health departments; other organizations; the University of Utah, research and education; and at-large members.

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The Utah Telehealth Network Advisory Council meets every two months. Meetings are from 8:30-10:30 and available via videoconferencing, except for the annual retreat.


  • February 3
  • April 7
  • June 2
  • August 4
  • October 6
  • December 1

Past Meetings


The UTN Advisory Council has several active subcommittees which provide guidance on specific interest areas.  Subcommittee chairs generally are members of the board, but membership in subcommittees, with the exception of the Executive Committee, is open to the interested participants from the telehealth community. 


  • Oversee strategic planning and implementation
  • Development of meeting agendas
  • Serve as nominations subcommittee


  • Oversee financial position of UTN
  • Determine funding sources & fee structure
  • Recommend changes to promote fiscal health


  • Recommend strategic technical direction for UTN
  • Advise staff on technical needs and improvements for the network and telehealth activities


  • Advise staff on the improvement of existing clinical applications and the development of new clinical programs and services
  • Promote the use of UTN for patient care


  • Advise staff on the improvement of existing educational offerings and the development of new education programs and services
  • Promote the use of UTN for education and training

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