Telehealth Technology & Tools


The UETN Telehealth Services Connect telehealth platform can be used to conduct live videoconferencing with patients and other healthcare providers. The product supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. We recommend the device be updated and that you utilize the native (default) browser for each device in order to have the best experience possible. As an alternate browser, we recommend using the latest version of Firefox. Please contact us at  for information on how to get started quickly or if you have any technical support needs or questions.

For non-healthcare related videoconferencing needs, we can issue free Webex accounts for the next 180 days. This is a great solution for remote workers who do not need a dedicated space for interacting with patients. Contact us at to create your free account and get started. 

Technical Support

The main UETN Telehealth Services phone number for 24/7 technical support is (801) 585-2426.

  • Option 1: media and videoconferencing
  • Option 2: network/security
  • Option 3: all other needs.


Other Telehealth Tools and Platforms: