Utah Telehealth Legislation

This page provides information on telehealth-related Utah state legislation. It includes links to guiding documents and standards of practice for various healthcare professionals. It also provides information on payer policies; telehealth and telemedicine billing and reimbursement; and COVID-19 pandemic-related guidance, waiver, and temporary changes.

Please refer to the original source documents for current information. Do not regard the information provided here as legal advice. It is for informational purposes only. Always consult with legal counsel when addressing legal and regulatory considerations.

For a detailed review of Telehealth specific legislation in Utah, please refer to the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP).





















Additional References

  • Telehealth Act (Title 26, Chapter 60) - Enacted in the 2017 General Session
  • Section 101 – Title
  • Section 102 – Definitions
  • Section 103 – Scope of telehealth practice
  • Section 104 – Enforcement
  • 26-60-101 to 105 Telehealth Act
  • 26-18-13.5 Telehealth Services, Reimbursement, Reporting, Telepsychiatric Consultations
  • 26-61a-103 Electronic Verification System
  • 26-61a-104 Qualifying Conditions
  • 26-61a-106 Qualified Medical Provider Registration
  • 49-20-414 Telemedicine Services
  • 58-69-102 Teledentistry
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