Hatch (formerly VisuWell)

Join the 32 healthcare facilities in Utah who are now using the HatchTelehealth platform to connect with their patients remotely.  UETN’s partnership with Hatch is helping to modernize today’s healthcare organizations by extending access to care at reduced costs.

With almost 15,000 plus visits per quarter and growing, the Hatch platform enables consumer-friendly, mobile engagement to patients and providers.  As a UETN member site, you may be eligible to start using Hatch free of charge for the first five years.  If you are not currently a UETN member site, please contact us about joining the network or signing up for Hatch separately.

Hatch’s easy-to-use digital health platform allows healthcare provider organizations to connect with their patients anytime, anywhere, with just two clicks of the mouse.  By seamlessly enabling access and engagement to better meet the needs of today’s patients.  UETN customers can leverage on-demand collaborative care or quickly facilitate referrals, reducing administrative burden and costs while swiftly providing patients with the quality care they need.