Utah Resources

COVID-19 School Manual
This manual provides public health recommendations to help make informed decisions to protect students, teachers, and employees.
Utah Medicaid Guidance
Telehealth Q&A for COVID-19 Emergency
Teledentistry Guidance
COVID-19 Emergency Guidance on Temporary Adjustments to Dental Services Policy
DOPL Information
DOPL exemptions during COVID-19
Technical Billing
Technical billing/reimbursement guidance from payers.
Keeping Utah informed on the latest coronavirus updates.
Telehealth Resources
UDOH COVID-19 Telehealth Resource Center
Recommendations for Providers
Resources for health care professionals.
University of Utah - Coronavirus
Find up-to-date medically reviewed content on coronavirus and COVID-19.
Hope Fox Eccles Library
A resource for consumer health and patient education information.
IHC - COVID 19 Symptom Checker
Easy to use, digital tool to help people get important information about COVID-19