Preparing for the PHE End

October 26, 2022

Key dates to help telehealth providers prepare for the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

Libraries Add Telehealth to the Rural Communities They Serve

October 24, 2022

In the early days of the Covid pandemic, Dianne Connery realized something needed to be done for people in her rural Texas community to help connect folks to their medical appointments.

CCHP’s 50 State Telehealth Policy Summary Report

October 21, 2022

Today the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) is releasing its bi-annual summary of state telehealth policy changes for Fall 2022. Additionally, we are also making available a summary chart showing where states stand on many key telehealth policies, as well as an infographic highlighting our key findings.

UETN Telehealth Featured on Fresh Living

October 17, 2022

UETN's Matt McCullough, director of Tehealth Services, spoke to Brooke on Fresh living about some of the teleheatlh initiatives that UETN is focued on. Such as nursing kits for children and educators in rural communities.

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Extended

October 17, 2022

COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Extended: Thursday October 13, 2022 HHS Secretary Becerra renewed the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) for another 90 days through mid-January 2023. The Biden Administration has said that it will provide a 60-day notice prior to the expiration of the PHE, likely to occur in mid-November.

Rural Health Network Development Planning Funding Opportunity

October 6, 2022

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) has announced a funding opportunity that supports the planning and development of integrated health care networks seeking to expand access and improve quality of care in rural communities. HRSA plans to award 20 grants to rural communities as part of this funding opportunity.